Stokes County Schools Awarded Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund Award Over $5.1 Million

Superintendent Dr. Brad Rice announces that Stokes County Schools has been awarded a 5,125,250 grant for Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund.  Rice received a phone call from State Superintendent Catherine Truitt informing him of the award. The grant requires the district to pay a 5% match. The Board of Education will use the much-needed funds for roof replacements at Walnut Cove Elementary, West Stokes High School, Piney Grove Middle and North Stokes High Band Room and Fieldhouse. 

This grant award is made possible as part of the North Carolina General Assembly’s annual awards program started in 2017 from the NC Education Lottery for school construction, renovation projects and other capital improvements.  This particular grant allowed the district to apply on a needs basis. Stokes County is identified as a low wealth district and the award will help in the overall funding structure.  

“I know that providing safe, welcoming and comfortable schools are just an essential condition for ensuring the excellent teaching and learning that all North Carolina students deserve,” Truitt said, “And having a good roof over their heads may not be the flashiest architectural feature, but it’s so important to providing a safe and sound learning environment for students.  So, I’m very pleased to announce that Stokes County Schools will now be receiving $5.1 million from the Needs-Based Public Schools Capital Fund to help cover the cost for roof replacement projects.  

Board Chairman Von Robertson reiterated this award is an important boost for our county and especially for the health and safety of our students.  On behalf of the Board of Education, we are thankful and grateful for the award and of our administration staff for their hard work and dedication in pursuing this grant.  

“We are extremely excited to be awarded over $5 million from the Needs-Based School Capital Fund from State Superintendent Catherine Truitt and the Department of Public Instruction,” Rice said.  “These funds allow us to take care of the roofing needs at four of our schools for the next 20-30 years. I want to thank Superintendent Truitt for the funds and I also want to thank Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Jared Jones and his administrative assistant, Christie Hutson, as well as Ricky Goins, Maintenance Director, Richie Roberts, Maintenance Supervisor, Lanette Moore, Executive Director of Finance and her department for their work applying for these funds.  It will assist us in providing safe facilities as we provide a quality education to all our students.